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Kit Kennedy; writer, researcher, and creative writing teacher

A writer, researcher, and creative writing teacher, Kit is an established British author with Australian-roots. Born into a rich heritage of storytelling, myths, legends, and tales from different countries filled her childhood.

Writer, novelist, and creative writing teacher.

Stories of mighty gods from ancient times, or distant lands with formidable castles and monstrous beasts, eventually drew her into storytelling.

A budding author at an early age, it was in her 20s that Kit’s thirst for storytelling became unquenchable. Since then, Kit’s been producing short stories, novels, and articles on various topics. As a writer for Classical Wisdom Weekly, Kit supplies pieces on ancient and classical Greece and Rome.

Teaching weekly creative writing classes in Leeds, UK, Kit enjoys nurturing new authors. Detailed writing workshops are planned for summer 2020 and beyond. These workshops will further assist writers to develop their literary ambitions.

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