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Publications: Research on Myth and History as a Storyteller

I am a storyteller of re-invented or re-interpreted myths. As a writer, I research and and produce articles on myth and history, with particular focus on ancient Greece and Rome, together with their mythologies.

Viewing established narratives through modern eyes, I am unravelling these tales to uncover their secrets.

Through my journal articles and stories, guide my audience on these adventures with new eyes and open to possibility.

Together, we can gain further understanding of why, centuries later, we are still fascinated by these stories.

Below are some links to my academic articles, and links to my fiction publications. You can also read about my research here.

Myth and History Research: as a Storyteller

Regularly supplying articles to Classical Wisdom Weekly, Kit is a contributing writer with a focus on ancient and mythical Greece.

Published articles to date:


Fiction Storytelling

As a storyteller, my literary works are influenced by similar experiences to those in traditional heroic quests. Whilst not always centered on history and myth, my fiction writing incorporates elements of mythic structure and archetypes.


Is a small country town in western Victoria, Australia. It’s a town where nothing much happens, or at least that’s how it looks to outsiders. To those that live there, it’s another story entirely. Two families, the Mitchells, and Neilsons are embroiled in its history and have a legacy of murder, abuse, and love triangles. Nothing is as it appears, and maybe running away is the only choice you can make.

Mythologies book cover


I’m proud of being included in Leeds Trinity University’s 2018 Anthology. Created, edited and published by the MA students (in association with WordSpace, and Indigo Dreams Publishing), it’s a wonderful collection of short stories and poetry, all related to mythologies.

Siblings is a 4.5 out of 5-star rated novel, it was published by Kit, under her first pseudonym, in 2013. It is available via Amazon.


It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Asha and Jared are fraternal twins, and their lives have never been easy. A trans-Pacific move sees the orphans go to live with an aunt and uncle; their only living relatives that they’ve never met.

This is Asha’s story; haunted by fate, a troubled teen with big dreams, and in love with the wrong girl. With support and love from family and friends, and a husky called Rogue, Asha’s dreams could be realized.


The University of Ballarat’s 2010 Anthology. I have two short stories in this edition of their anthology series. These anthologies are a collaboration of stories, short and longer, and poems that are compiled into a publication, then produced as part of the Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing course.

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