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Creative Writing Classes & Workshops Nationwide

Looking for UK creative writing classes and workshops where you can unlock your potential as a storyteller? Then sign up for one of Kit’s creative writing classes, or workshops, and discover some of the tricks writers use to weave their tales.

In other words, if you want to write the next Game of Thrones saga, the thrilling North-by-Northwest, insightful Pride and Prejudice, or revolutionary The Hunger Games, studying narrative crafting will strengthen your story, and bring you greater creative satisfaction.

More than that, studying the art of creative writing will give you a greater understanding of how and why stories are written the way they are. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for how skillfully written narratives can inspire, provoke, and even inform.

Four areas of study are available:

1: Introduction to Creative Writing:

~ Identifying creative writing, and how to find inspiration
~ Characters; building them and their journey
~ Point-of-View and Exposition
~ Plot; narrative mapping so you don’t get lost

2: Developing your Narrative

~ Timing; how a story is told and how to create your ‘acts’
~ Dialogue; what and how to say it
~ Genre and devices; the tools of your character’s adventure
~ Get the picture; unfolding your scenes

3: Workshop your Manuscript

~ Editing & Proofreading; pulling apart your work to make it better
~ Document layout and formatting
~ The rewrite; honing your narrative
~ Feedback; give/receive constructive and critical feedback

4: Exploring Publication

~ Print vs ebook; clash of the publishing titans
~ Agent vs self publishing; which should you choose
~ Agents and Publishers; how to approach them and sell your work
~ Self publishing; identifying your publishing needs

What are the courses about, and what you will study:

Parts 1&2:

Your creative writing journey starts with Parts 1 and 2, which work together cohesively to build a strong foundation for your narratives. Firstly, you’ll delve into the skills behind writing, and discover how to set about creating a narrative path you can follow.

Secondly, you’ll also work on identifying your characters and their roles, fleshing out your protagonist. You will outline your plot and develop settings and locations. Finally, from the use of writing exercises, you’ll develop your written narrative.

So, if you’re into short stories, flash fiction, novellas, or full-length novels, this course will help guide you through the process; from the seed of inspiration to a story you’ll be proud to share.

No previous experience is necessary, just a love of stories and a passion for telling them.

Parts 3 & 4:

Likewise, if you have already written a story, or have you been completed the ‘Introduction to Creative Writing’ classes above, then this is the next step for you!

Similarly, Parts 3 and 4 will give you the opportunity to workshop your story and gain valuable reader feedback. Each session will focus on several individuals’ work. This will give each writer the time and support needed to develop their story.

For example, these courses include:

  • Uncovering what helps writers develop stronger narratives through the workshop process.
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Practical development of your story after a workshop reading.

Consequently, in order to give all attendees regular opportunities to discuss their work, sessions may be run with a preset rota (depending on student numbers).

Course Highlights:

  • Start on your writer’s path by getting to know your protagonist better, understand their journey, and placing obstacles in their way.
  • Develop fully-rounded characters who really stand-out on the page.
  • Create plausible locations and settings.
  • Workshop your manuscript, and gain valuable feedback from readers.

Therefore, working alongside Kit, you will study and develop all of these skills. Sign up for one of the many UK creative writing classes and workshops held nationwide, and you’ll experience the joy of creative writing!

Regular evening classes are held in Leeds. Workshops are held in various locations around the UK throughout the year. – Currently suspended due to Covid19

Click here to book your seat at the next available class or workshop.

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